What I Do
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As a Minister of the Spiritualist National Union I am available to perform Weddings, Funerals and Spiritual Namings.

Below you will find brief descriptions of some of the courses and workshops that I run.

Meditation Course
A 10 session course covering the theory and practice of meditation. Subjects include benefits to body and mind, mindfulness, concentration, relaxation, contemplation and consciousness and much more.

Mindfulness Course
This is a 10 session course on the practice of Mindfulness to enhance your day to day life.

Personalised Meditations
One to one Personalised Meditations. One hour, recorded on CD during a face to face session.

Bring your Rainbow with you (Aura in Motion Camera)
Introductory workshop: experiments to demonstrate abilities which involves individual and group participation across a range of subjects from healing, philosophy, mediumship, trance & complementary medicines. Photos, datasheets and DVDs are available.
Suitable for all abilities.

Aura in Motion Camera: Advanced
For those who don't need an introduction and want to look at their personal attunement and perform advanced group exercises and personal experiments. Photos, datasheets and DVDs are available.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced.

Two one day workshops: covering energies and the aura, psychism, aspects of philosophy and mediumship.
Suitable for beginners.

Development: Advanced Mediumship
Exercises and personal development to enhance the quality of attunement, philosophy and mediumship and its presentation.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced.

Healing Experiments

Various aspects of healing including forms of group healing and healing experiments.
Suitable for all abilities.

Levels of Consciousness
From perception to control in philosophy, healing and mediumship exploring the trance states. Take a look at practical ways to attain different states of consciousness and experience them.
Suitable for all abilities.

Mechanics of Mediumship
Covers brain states, psychology, the '5 claires', psychism versus spirit, evidence, the law and presentation.
Suitable for all abilities.

Music and Mediumship
Use of sound in preparation, development and it's use in spirit links.
Suitable for all abilities.

Psychic vs Spirit
A workshop to clearly distinguish the two levels of working.
Suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Pyramid Power
Use of large pyramid to sit in and develop your energy sensitivity and explore energies for healing, mediumship, philosophy and trance development.
Suitable for all abilities.

The Mind, Mediumship and Meditation
This course uses psychology and explains levels of consciousness giving tools to enhance your mediumship.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced.

Trance and Physical
This workshop looks at the mechanics of trance and levels of consciousness, deeper states of attunement, trance and physical phenomena.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced.